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51 Delta

MSRP: $3.99
Deal price: $2.39 (40% off)
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Arcana Comics

When Professor Simon vanished, the Air Force shanghaied the professor’s son to Groom Lake to take over the job of babysitting the “problem” residents of Delta Hanger. Now Kirby Simon has to not only process that aliens actually exist, but the fact his father has been running a refugee camp for them under Area 51 without the government’s knowledge and the acting up ...

Have you ever travelled to the world’s end?

            If not, we invite you to join the 7 Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor, taking you in the belly of the giant whale, among furious snakes, in the realm of the one eyed giant, of the killer old man … on islands full of diamonds, far away, further … where the sea and land end, among the flying men.




What would a real world filled with superheroes look like? In this all-new series it gets ugly, as a young, girl-next door named Joule reveals her tortured past and her desperate attempt for revenge-all while auditioning in front of the cameras and judges of the hot new TV show "SuperHero Idol"!

Save 30% on the Idolized mini-series!

Aspen Comics  

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